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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got Those New Computer Blues

Since last Friday, blogging has held as much appeal as leaping into a pit of vipers. That was the day we took my computer in for a tuneup. We got it back on Monday and that meant hooking everything up again plus all the other annoyances that go with the job.
Then on Tuesday we went back to the same place and bought a new computer for Jackie. After experiencing the joys of hooking up yet another computer came the job of transferring a few thousand files from CDs to it. These were the files transferred from her old computer to the CDs in question.
Jackie took one look at the finished product and didn't like it. The background wasn't pleasing, she said. So I changed it to the basic blue background. She said the blue was too dark. I explained that Microsoft did not offer much of an assortment of blues. Take it or leave it, that's pretty much the way it goes.
Now when the Internet is called up the display doesn't fill the screen. I spent a couple of hours trying to fix that problem but all that happened was I somehow lost the toolbar and haven't been able to get it back.
The owner of the shop is going to stop by and see what he can do. Jackie is feeling nostalgic about her old computer even though it was about as fast as a 1929 Essex sedan running in this year's Indianapolis 500.
Blogging again? When my life returns to its dull, undramatic routine. If that ever happens. Right now I'm not placing any bets.


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