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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Singin' Sam sold me on Barbasol

No time for blogging today because three months have gone by so I have to head out to the VA Clinic to have my toenails trimmed. The VA, like any organization even remotely connected to the military, has everything figured out down to the smallest detail. They know that 90 days is the exact amount of time it takes for toenails to become obnoxious and start ripping holes in sheets and punching right through the front of your socks.
This brings to mind that this morning I finally used the last of a can of Colgate shaving cream I bought more than a year ago at one of those "nothing more than a dollar" stores. I got my buck's worth because for months I've been waiting for it to empty out so I could start using Barbasol again. Being a Great Depression kid, I couldn't just throw it away because doing so would have been a cardinal sin. You always used up everything, ate every bite of food on your plate and never bought anything smaller than a house on credit.
When I got out the new can my thoughts naturally turned to Singin' Sam, the Barbasol man. He had a deep and mellow voice that was just right for the old songs and the popular ballads of the day. You never heard him sing the frivolous stuff like "The Flat Foot Floogie" or "Three Little Fishies."
No, Sam's radio show was devoted to more serious things than that although he was a genial fellow who always seemed upbeat no matter how dismal conditions might be in the world. Perhaps that was because he was from Richmond, Indiana.
There was another somewhat similar singer of that era known as Smilin' Ed McConnell, but he sang a lot of religious songs so I always tuned him out. Before Sam and Ed there were two popular figures know as The Happiness Boys on radio. They continued on though the 1930s although their greatest popularity came during the Roaring Twenties when there was more to be happy about.
So tomorrow I'll be shaving with Barbasol again, thanks to Singin' Sam the Barbasol Man. In honor of the occasion I put a new blade in the razor and will have neatly trimmed toenails.


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