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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An upbeat Christmas newsletter

It has been enough to turn a man against the holidays reading all these Xmas newsletters from folks whose kids just graduated from Harvard Law School which must have had one king size graduating class so it has come like a breath of fresh air to get one from Ol’ Ike down near Gnaw Bone, Indiana which follows:

Well, friends and kinfolk, none of us can complain about the kind of year it has been for the family cause for 2 months now we been out of bankruptcy as you probly know. The bank took back our new 12 room house but we found a great little empty place only a short way off from where the railroad goes through. After a couple weeks you can’t hardly notice the trains go by 50 feet off from the outhouse.
Esmeralda is jest about all recovered from that little disagreement with one of our new neighbor ladies. Most of the knife wounds are all healed up and the doc says the only scar will be the 8 inch one running crost her nose and on to her right ear.
It brought joy to us all when young Jimmy was let out of Reform School jest in time for the holiday seeson. On top of that, little Hortense passed 3 of her 5 subjects in fourth grade down at the union school and that shore was a big step upward from last year.
You may have seen on the TV about Aunt Tillie being et alive by a rampaging black bear but it turned out OK when the county was nice enough to put her 6 kids up in the orphan asylum jest down the road a piece. They wouldn’t of had to done that cepting for the parole board turning down their daddy’s application so it looks like Uncle Ed will have to stay up there in the state pen at Michigan City a while longer which ain’t bad when all things are taken into account. From what I hear the kinfolk of them three men he gunned down at the beer joint over Terre Hut way said some pretty nasty things about Ed at the parole hearing and that didn’t help his cause one bit.
The one sad thing in our lives right now is Cousin Anse still being in a coma up to the hospital in Naptown after being run down by one of them 18 wheelers when the car he stole turned out not to have no brakes. His wife Maude has filed suit agin the owner of the car and is specting big things to come of that.
So as you can see it has been a pretty good year here in Hoosierland and all we can say is we hope life has been as kind to you and if not the new year treats you jest like it has us down here. So like the fella says don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do – ha ha.


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