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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please note: it IS winter

What planet do they live on, those people who actually believe winter begins on December 21? You hear that nonsense every year about this time. A TV newsreader said it again today after mentioning snow storms, ice storms and freezing temperatures: "And it isn't even winter yet."
Or what about summer? Some of the hottest weather comes during the first three weeks of June and yet there are foolish people who make silly faces and say, "It isn't even summer yet."
So forget Alice and the Yellow Brick Road and get back to the real world. Our TV weatherman, who has been on the job since 1963, frequently points out that to meteorologists winter is December, January and February. Summer is June, July and August. The number of hours of daylight and darkness have little to do with the hard facts of life.
Sure, there can be some crossover. Snowstorms often come in November and March. It can be hotter than a typical day in hell in May and September. The weather maker doesn't throw a switch on the first day of the month, but that doesn't change reality.
For the first time a wise man has said we may be in the early stages of another depression rather than the middle of a recession. Others can't decide if we should be worrying about inflation or deflation. Yet when you go out you see as many cars on the road as ever. The parking lots are full at the malls and shopping centers. Go into the stores, though, and you seldom see too many shoppers. People still buy the necessities if they have any money at all, but it has to be that way.
Yesterday we saw a man of about 30 or 35 standing in the rain holding a homemade sign written on a piece of brown cardboard. He was pleading for a job, any job.
So it doesn't matter too much what the experts say. Recession, depression, inflation, deflation - all it means to most of us is that times are tough. Damn tough. Barack Obama is inheriting a big sack of foul smelling stuff from George W. Bush. Why didn't those experts see it coming and do something about it? Could it be that they aren't quite as smart as they think they are? Or does greed always trump intelligence?
As Oliver Hardy so often said to Stan Laurel: "Another fine mess." Yes, indeed it is.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Stodgill, I found your site on Mr. Meachams website, and I have to say it is very impressive. I like all the information that you have to offer and whether I agree on all of your comments or not. I commend you for it. I understand where you are coming from about the weather reporters, it is the same ole thing every year. People are just borred and have nothing else to talk about. And by the way, how many times do we have to see the story about all of the people stranded at PDX? I would rather find out what the road conditions are. I am sorry to see that Barrack obama had to pick up from George Bushes mess, but I certainly hope Barrack Obama will change the contractor law. I vote Re-write the contractor law so FEDEX can start paying the price.

8:42 PM  

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