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Monday, November 17, 2008

I wish someone would tell me

(A) Why economists keep saying we may be in a recession. Don't these people ever get out in the real world? Apparently not.
(B) If Ben Bernanke is an educated fool totally out of touch with conditions in the country. He needs to be told that there's life beyond Wall Street and Washington, D.C. and that the Wall Street Journal isn't the only reading material available. He has lowered the interest rate to one percent and now says it may be necessary to lower it again. Hasn't the man heard of inflation? He should be handed a grocery bill from 2006, given the amount of money on the bottom line and then sent out to buy the very same items. When he saw how many things were missing from his cart when he ran out of money he might wise up to what the rest of the nation is up against.
(C) Why any man or woman in their right mind would choose to live in Southern California. We've all heard the usual explanations: Great climate, Disneyland, Hollywood and on and on and on. They're not good enough reasons.
(D) Why the people who do live there expect the taxpayers in the rest of the country to send money every time there is a forest fire, mudslide, flood or earthquake. One or the other of these things seem to be monthly occurrences.
(E) Why some politicians tout the free economy system and cry "socialism" if someone suggests a program to help ordinary people, then turn around and say huge corporations must be given taxpayer money to bail them out when they make stupid mistakes.
(F) Why a firm like AIG is given billions of dollars in aid and then allowed to pay their executives huge bonuses. But, says Henry Paulson, they're only getting half of last year's bonuses, poor babies.
(G) Why I'm foolish enough to think any of these questions might be answered in a satisfactory manner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The questions you pose are questions many people think about but don't have the courage to verbalized them.
I can't answer the questions since there are no logical answers.


4:35 AM  

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