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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Political Correctness? Forget it!

Political Correctness deserves a Bronx Cheer and a Bah, Humbug! People who go in for that nonsense have too much time on their hands. I'm no expert on religion but I have been around long enough to wonder how a Christmas display on the courthouse lawn can possibly offend anyone. Only those people in need of more chores to occupy their mind and keep them busy, at least that's the way I see it.
Saying, "Happy holidays" is a cop out for namby-pamby people and businesses that insist their employees say it and use it in their advertising. What sort of weirdo is offended if someone says, "Merry Christmas" regardless of their own religious beliefs or lack of them? All it takes is a smile and a "You too" in reply.
Here's an example. A card arrived yesterday from my World War II platoon sergeant, Eddie Wolfe. I have written many things about him because he was the bravest man and best combat soldier I have known. Eddie didn't have much use for the Army "book" so when he saw an injustice being committed he spoke his mind. This got him in hot water at times because Eddie didn't care if the offender was a lieutenant who had just finished Officer Candidate School or a general who graduated from West Point.
Eddie is 88 or 89 now but he hasn't changed. The card from him and his wife Rosemarie was more attractive than most. After a short message on the inside he wrote, "Merry Christmas."
What's so unusual about that? Nothing, since it came from him, but those who worry about political correctness might think so because Eddie is a Jew.
I'm sure the idea that he shouldn't send a message outside his own faith never crossed his mind. He is and always has been too big a man to dwell on such a triviality. If someone were to tell him he should have written "Happy Holidays" he would have given them a dressing down. No one was ever better at doing so.
Being politically correct is for lesser people than Eddie Wolfe. Unfortunately there are far too many of them around and in their insecure little worlds they allow such things as political correctness to exist. They deserve pity. Along with the self-doubt they may not recognize in themselves they lack an important ingredient for a worthwhile life, common sense


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick, I love it! It's even a better read the 2nd time around.

Zada Connaway, Author
Mother’s Journals: Parts 1, 2 and 3
ISBN # 1-4241-6969-0

11:59 PM  
OpenID wolfger said...

I don't remember there being any "political correctness" when I was growing up (in the 70's), but there certainly was "Season's Greetings" as an alternative to "Merry Christmas". Some people are, as non-Christians, genuinely uncomfortable with wishing anybody a merry Christmas. I prefer a nice "Happy Holidays" over nothing at all. Quit being such a Grinch, and just accept whatever the hell greeting anybody wants to give you in the spirit it was intended.

10:30 PM  

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