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Monday, December 10, 2007

Why I haven't been around for a while.

I've been sick. I know, nobody cares. Even Mr. Zip-Zip, our hamster, didn't care. Well, actually he did care because I got up so late one morning he didn't get to roll around in his plastic ball. So he didn't really care that I was sick but he was quite put out over having been confined to his cage for 48 straight hours.
I won't say much about Jackie's caring or not caring because by the time a man gets to be my age he knows when it's best to keep his mouth shut. I think she did care but having me moping around feeling sorry for myself isn't exactly something new. I won't say she has become hardened to my suffering but she has learned to take it in stride.
Perhaps suffering is too strong a word. Feeling lousy might be more accurate. Call it what you will, I have never believed a man should suffer or feel lousy in silence. Others should frequently be made aware of the fact that all is not as it should be in your world, at least that's my opinion. Jackie does not necessarily concur. Mr. Zip-Zip just folds his ears down and doesn't hear a single, moan, groan or heartfelt sigh.
I don't believe there was anything wrong with me aside from having been extremely active last week. I left the building three times and overdoing it like that is bound to cause problems for a man.
Tuesday I had to go to the doctor for a monthly shot. His office is in the hospital so we had lunch there in the cafeteria.
Wednesday Jackie had her annual mammogram so I went along and read in the waiting room. After that we picked up several things at the grocery.
Friday I needed a few supplies, Avery labels and stuff like that, so we went to Staples. Then we had lunch at a nearby restaurant.
So I ask you, isn't that enough to put a man flat on his back?


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