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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who believes that winter begins today?

Is anyone so naive as to believe that this is the first day of winter? If so I invite them to visit me with checkbook in hand because I have a few business proposals that should interest them.
There are people who live in that land of dreams, of course, people who really believe that the semi-annual solstice means the beginning of winter. In some cultures they celebrate this day as Midwinter. They seem to be a bit wiser although they may be dancing around in the snow about three weeks ahead of schedule.
Radio and television news readers help perpetuate the beginning of winter myth, as do some school teachers. In practical terms either solstice means only that the days will begin getting longer or shorter, not the change of seasons. A weatherman who has been at the same Cleveland station since the 1960s frequently points out that to meteorologists winter is December, January and February. Makes sense, doesn't it? Dick Goddard says summer is June, July and August and that, too, makes sense. Some of the hottest weather of the season often comes during the first few weeks of June so it's ridiculous to contend that summer begins on June 21 or 22.
Those who insist this is the first day of winter must have pulled a Rip Van Winkle for the past few weeks. How else could they have missed the snow and ice storms earlier this month? So for once and for all why don't we act like we have a collective brain and see the weather as it really is? To those who dig in their heels and won't budge in their thinking I can only say enjoy the celebration of Midwinter today.


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