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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Comment Box - and Geeks

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, that little box you can call up by clicking "comments" at the end of a blog. When it works, I get an e-mail asking if I want the comment published. I always say yes.
But I've had people tell me they have tried several times and nothing happened. Don't ask me why because I'm in the dark on the subject. I could expand on that and say I'm in the dark on many subjects, but trying to list them all would require days spent writing a blog.
It was another Stodghill, John Stodghill, who told me I should activate the box, so I did. That was months ago, but he posted a comment a few days ago so I know he's still out there somewhere in cyberspace.
But this little box that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't made me wonder how all this internet stuff works. I haven't a clue. After mulling over the question for a minute or two I decided I really don't care, don't even want to learn how it works. It does, and that's all you really need to know unless you are a computer geek.
That's something else I'm not sure about. Exactly what is a geek? Considering that a computer geek knows more than the rest of us, I guess it means someone who is pretty smart, at least about computers. There even is a Geek Squad that sends a geek to your house to fix your computer. I could use one of those several times a day.
There also are cell phone geeks, but I don't think they're smart at all. Are there other kinds of geeks? Who knows? Actually, who cares? Posted by Picasa


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