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Saturday, August 12, 2006

HEAD ON Heads Right Off My Shopping List

I don't watch much television and when I do there are certain annoyances that must be accepted. Sometimes they are commercials, sometimes trailers for upcoming shows that usually feature people being shot and various things blowing up. Or, on occasion, predatory-looking women trying to appear sexy.
One recent commercial, however, has gone far beyond the bounds of mere annoyance. If you watch any television at all you've seen them, those Head On ads in which a woman with a voice similar to the sound of a fingernail being rubbed along a blackboard repeats, "Head On, applied directly to the forehead" over and over again. Not being a blithering idiot, I got the message the first time she said it. After that it went from being irritating to downright maddening.
When my father was an ace salesman for Lever Brothers - that's the soap company that made Lux, Rinso and Lifebouy during his day - he said he used this technique when calling on grocers: "Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em, then tell 'em, then tell 'em what you told 'em." But he used finesse in his approach, something that Head On huckster doesn't know exists.
For all I know Head On may be a fine product, but I'll never buy it because of those commercials that keep repeating the same message ad nauseum. Perhaps those responsible think it's a great attention getter, and they're right. Not in the way they're hoping for, though.
No, I'll never buy it or any other product the company sells. If someone offers Head On to me in the unlikely event that I get a headache I'll turn them down. This will not put much of a dent in the firm's profits, of course. I wonder, though, how many others have had the same reaction to that most annoying of all commercials. A great many, I'll bet.

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