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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Complete Loss of Common Sense

If further proof is needed that common sense is going the way of the dinosaurs, consider sexting. That, if you don't know, is the trend among kids of 13, 14 and 15 to use their cell phones to take photos of themselves naked and send them to members of the opposite but interested sex.
Adults are horrified, of course. "We didn't do that when we were kids!" they cry in righteous outrage. True, but only because they didn't have cell phones that take pictures back then. What they don't say, or perhaps even admit to themselves, is that since the beginning of time kids that age have found other ways to satisfy the everlasting yearning to know.
A shocking example of sexting occurred recently in Greensburg, PA. A trio of girls of the aforementioned ages amused themselves by snapping cell phone photos of each other in the buff. One girl sent the pictures to three grateful boys. A police captain, shocked beyond words after also viewing the photos, had this to say: "They weren't just breasts. They showed female anatomy!"
Now there's mind-numbing information for you. Photos of nude girls showed female anatomy, if you can believe such a thing.
The real losers in Greensburg are the three boys who at first thought they were winners. They have been charged with possession of pornography. Elsewhere a boy of 13 received a naked photo of herself from a female classmate. The boy was charged with a felony and will have to register as a sex offender for the next ten years. Think about that for a moment or two.
So that's the way it goes in this land of ignorance where common sense once prevailed. Maybe the kids should be lectured on proper behavior and the pitfalls of thinking about such things, for all the good that would do. Charging those who send these in-the-raw pictures as being purveyors and the recipients as possessors is far, far over the top. One way or another, kids in their early teen years are, and always have been, very curious creatures about sex. Being shocked by discovering it is that way is . . . well, there must be a word for it but it just won't come to mind.


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