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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Doc Knows His Stuff

It's a good time to write about my doctor and I apologize to the late Ring Lardner for borrowing his style of doing so:
I went to old Doctor Mac who likes to be called Hugh yesterday for my monthly shot of pep juice and it is a good thing I did cause waiting a week would of meant chasing him down up at the Arctic Circle where he'll be snowmobileing with his wife which he likes to do when snows on the ground. At a time like that if he rode his Harley he might fall off and break his ankle like he done oncet before.
I would rather catch him at his office where you never know what to expect. It might be a patriotic occasion so he would be dressed up in his red white and blue outfit that would knock your eyes out or he might be sporting Harley-Davidson stuff of which he has a trunk full. I like it best when he wears his electric shirt and horns that light up so you can't miss seeing him when he walks in the room.
When I told somebody about him they said he sounds more like a nut case than a doctor and I said that could be as they say most geniuses are that way and he must be one because he started up this family practice and now has something like 10 other doctors working for him not to mention a whole gaggle of nurses, lab technostics and office help. He has two big waiting rooms and three if you count the one acrost the street just for the fairer sex and as offen as not they are full of folks eager to see one of them many sawbones, which is not a term you say right to a doc's face lest you might come acrost as defensive.
I see the head man himself as you might expect from somebody such as me who likes to go right to the top. You would be correct to say we understand each other and have what they call a good working relationship. To prove that is true one day back a spell I told him about a little problem that had been bothering me so he said, "I could tell you what to do but you wouldn't do it anway" and you got to admire a man that honest and who has a real understanding of the situation.
So I guess that pretty well tells the hole story and if you should happen to be around these parts and feel a desire for a little medical attention I will be more then glad to set it up for you to see the good doctor himself and if you happen to be in luck you might catch him at a time when he is wearing his horns as that way you would not mistake him for some guy who just wandered in off the street. No need to get sick just on my account of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't read like Stodghill at all. Who really wrote this? Jackie?
oncet? acrost? the hole story?

Hopefully the doctor didn't give you something that affected your writing ability.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Robert Lopresti said...

Shut up, Stodghill explained.

Actually, he said he was going to write it like Ring Lardner.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Dick Stodghill said...

It's nice to know that somebody noticed. Someone other than Ring Lardner, who probably is still turning over in his grave.

12:00 PM  

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