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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ah, Mother Love

I'm beginning to think that motherhood ain't what it used to be. There's that woman down in Florida with a mountain of evidence against her because it seems she killed her pretty young daughter. If what we hear is true, having a kid around was interfering with mom's social life.
Then yesterday that woman in Texas was convicted of killing her daughter, the one known as Baby Grace. The child, another pretty little girl, forgot to call her stepfather "sir" and committed one or two more breaches of etiquette. To show they knew all about good manners and how to behave, he and mom beat her to death and dumped her body in Galveston Bay.
Not to be outdone, we had a similar case in Cleveland, but the mother got off "by reason of insanity." A little voice told her "do it, do it" so she drowned her two young daughters in a bathtub. She told the judge she found religion in jail, a story we've heard a few times before. The judge spoke sternly to her.
Now I have nothing against murder, understand. It's something I write about all the time. I just think it should be confined to adults, not innocent little kids. Above all, it should not be mothers doing the killing.
At times I don't think much of humans in general. A couple of days ago a woman in nearby Massillon was arrested for beating people, including her spouse, with a pot, a stick and a sweeper. No one died and perhaps I shouldn't complain about it because the case provides me with a unique method of murder. Say a short mystery titled "Death by Eureka" or "She Hoovered Him," something like that.
Anyway, a few miles away in Navarre a man must have picked up on the idea because he was arrested for slamming his wife with a metal trash can. She survived, but there's another unique plot: "The Trash Can Murder." But this guy wasn't finished slamming. In the jail he slammed his head against a wall, knocking himself unconscious. He was taken to a hospital, from which he fled. From there he went home to get his car but surprise!, the cops were waiting.
People. The world might be better off without them.


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