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Monday, February 23, 2009

Politics - No Laughing Matter

There are not a whole lot of nice things that can be said about big shot politicians other than they usually are good for a laugh. The sad part is that most of us are the butt of the
Take the Democrats. No sooner do they berate the auto executives and Wall Street high rollers for expensive travel than Nancy Pelosi and a few others hop aboard a government
jet bound for Rome. Then she turns up in Afghanistan. John Kerry was in Syria at the same time and it's hard to tell where the rest of them might be. Makes you wonder if Hillary is appreciative of all the help she is getting on her Secretary of State job.
Or take the Republicans. After eight years of monumental spending while George W. was at the helm, they suddenly have started worrying about money. It wasn't too long ago that John McCain suspended his campaign for the presidency to rush back to Washington to lead the charge to hand the high rollers on Wall Street about $700 billion to save them from embarrassment. Then he turned to leading another charge, this one against laying out cash to help average people.
It sometimes seems that everyone in the country has an understanding of fiscal
conservatism except the fiscal conservatives. Now four governors say the only part of that stimulus money they want is the part that won't help poor people.
Looking on from a distance it seems the biggest benefit of being a member of Congress is that it provides little wear and tear on the thought processes. All you need to know is that if you are a Republican you vote against everything proposed by Democrats and if you are a Democrat you return the favor when Republicans come up with a rare idea.
So over time there are no winners or losers inside what they like to call the Beltway. All the losers live elsewhere. Is there any hope for what we laughingly call our form of government? It seems less likely all the time. Maybe we should just turn the whole thing over to the know-it-alls such as Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh and all the other idiots like ... well, there's just too many to name. It's enough to make you wonder if some of the madmen running rogue nations don't have the right idea.


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