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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guilty of being black

There is a new book by D.T. Pollard that should make the bestseller list, but won't if a great many Americans have their way. The title is Obama Guilty of Being President While Black. Unfortunately it seems to be true.
Only this morning I read an online story about insurance companies dictating the way doctors provide health care. Why do we have to return to the doctor if we need more than one thing done? Because the insurance companies won't pay for more than one procedure per visit. When I go in for a monthly shot of energy juice I have to go back to have a simple skin cancer removed, a procedure that takes only a few minutes. It isn't the fault of the doctors. Like everyone, they like to be paid for their work.
How many times do we hear abut someone being denied an operation or some other treatment because an insurance company won't pay for it? In some cases that is a death sentence, yet right-wingers shout that this is what government run health care would do.
It's a sham and a shame. Having a black president proposing health care for all Americans has sent every fanatic into the streets protesting. Those in other countries, where universal health care is taken for granted, don't understand it. What does it say about us when some Americans are now moving to Mexico in order to be covered?
The insurance companies are against Obama's plan, of course. So are the big pharmaceutical companies and the Party of No. Right-wing talk show fanatics shout protests and at least one preacher says Obama should be killed. Republicans in Congress say it is too expensive, yet are all in favor of pouring more money down the Afghanistan rat hole.
Makes me wonder whatever happened to this country. Makes me wonder what kind of people live among us.


Anonymous Leigh said...

Having lived and worked overseas, I know most of the terrible claims about national health care are false. Recently, a reader from South Africa said "Oh! I thought you already had health care and the argument was over extending services. You call it communism, we call it basic human necessities."

My brother has health insurance, but you wouldn't know it. He has Bartlett's syndrome, where the throat closes up. His insurance company refuses to pay for the deep-throating treatment where a rod is rammed down the throat to expand it, saying it's "experimental", although that has been the treatment for a few hundred years. They added insult to injury with a letter saying that Bartlett's is often a precursor to esophageal cancer, so if he gets cancer of the throat, they won't pay for a pre-existing condition.

2:40 AM  

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