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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The problems of being a man

Well, it's been a great day up to this point. It's not even lunch time and already I've been accused of being senile and acting like an 8-year-old. That's quite a trick if you can pull it off.
The accuser was Jackie, of course. It all started last night when we watched a program I hate, Law & Order SUV, or whatever it's called. I can't stand either of the lead characters but like some of the lesser lights. The show was all about two abused women, one young, one old. After being beaten to a pulp a number of times, the young one was rescued by the female lead character I can't stand. So the woman runs off from a shelter and goes back to the brute, who then polishes her off with a knife to the chest.
What is there to say about that except she was stupid and got what she deserved? So I said it. That sent Jackie into that state that only women can enter, the one where they agree with everything you say and don't mean a word of it. All men are familiar with that state. The best was to describe it is that "poor little me, I'm only a woman so what do I know?" way of agreeing with you in an insincere, condescending manner.
Then it turned out the old bat who cared for her invalid husband had knocked off the guy who abused her back in 1974. Pumped six bullets into him, then escaped from jail and married the invalid the same year, although he was not an invalid at the time and knew nothing of the murder. So she gets arrested again, is tried and acquitted, but the invalid doesn't want her back. He said, "Every decision we've ever made was based on a lie."
I agreed with him just as any sensible, right-thinking person would. If I thought there had been sarcasm and insincerity up to that point, Jackie showed me what those words really mean.
I suppose in a way it's my own fault because I acted like the young woman who went back to the abuser and got knocked off. I had vowed never to watch Law & Order SUV again, but I went back to it. Live and learn, they say, but with my 84th birthday less than three months away the learning part better begin damn soon.


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