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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Be Scared

I think we have run out of new fears. If one thing remains that has not been covered it doesn't leap to mind. We have run the gamut, or so it seems to me. Food, water, tobacco, alcohol, plagues, accidents, terrorists, war, floods, famine, weather - what's left for the government, TV reporters and cops to warn us about?
Nothing, that's what. But take heart, an old one has been revived in France and they're not kidding around about it. Cell phones have been banned from primary schools. Why? Because they can cause insomnia, headaches, fatigue and cancer. The French want to protect the young kids so they now require the providers to offer handsets that allow texting only, not gabbing. There is a campaign to ban them completely for anyone under the age of 14. They are experimenting with limiting the power of transmitters and one tower had to be taken down.
I learned all this from the Irish Independent. I like to read foreign newspapers because it's amazing how much we never are told about in the U.S. of A.
Well, I'm safe. I would rather be waterboarded than forced to use a cell phone. Regular phones are annoying enough.
How about you? Been sleeping well lately? Have that tired out feeling? Get a headache now and then? Ah-ha, you've been using a cell phone.
What if the French are right? Do you know kids, or even adults, who can't put their cell phones down? If so, here's what to do: be afraid. Be scared. Be frightened. It's quite possible the French are indeed right.
If it were put to a vote, mine would be for banning cell phones all together. I'm sick of seeing people walking around with one glued to their ear. I'm tired of seeing someone punch in a number and say, "Hi, whatcha doin'?" and other important stuff like that. There oughta be a law.


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