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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Will the Joy Never Cease?

Today we went to the VA clinic. This was after Jackie had already been to the bank and the grocery in first fog, then rain, then snow.
We live half a mile beyond the north city limit of Akron. The VA clinic is on the street that is the south city limit of Akron. Because of the hills and the valleys and the deep ravines and gorges, Akron has only one street that runs all the way north to south. It is Main Street that goes through the heart of downtown.
But, as I explained to Jackie, I had an appointment to get my toenails trimmed so we would have to go. Because my hand was miserably sore from having the skin cancer removed yesterday, she would have to drive.
We started out in sleet that soon turned to snow. When I made a comment or two about her driving she showed a remarkable lack of appreciation. She is a good driver, one never in danger of getting a ticket for speeding. As we crossed the longest Y bridge in the world, the one with a railing that comes up about as far as my knees to keep you from hurtling off into space and then to the ground 200 feet below, she stuck right to the 35 m.p.h. limit. Everyone else was going 65 or 70 so I kept a wary eye on the rear view mirror.
The clinic was crowded, just as it always. Old geezers puttering around, young ones hurrying them along. that sort of stuff. As my shoes have slick soles that are no good in snow or ice, Jackie had to keep me afloat until we were inside. There was only one empty seat so I flopped down on it.
The streets were covered when we left after Jackie picked me up at the front door. The traffic was heavy on the way home. She didn't say anything on the half hour ride, not even when I volunteered a few more driving instructions. I could see that her mind was working, though. I knew what she was thinking: "There were other men I could have married, you know. None of them veterans in need of having their toenails trimmed 15 miles from home on the worst day of the year."
Oh well, what can a man do to please a woman?


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