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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stay Out of the Sun!

I'm hurting and nobody cares. Well, I care and Jackie probably cares because I'm as grumpy as a bear poked with a stick. The anesthetic has worn off after the doc dug out more of the skin cancer on the back of my left hand. Biopsies showed the first two times didn't get the job done so I hit the trifecta today. This time he dug so deep I was expecting the scalpel to come out on my palm.
Some people think skin cancer is no big deal. It is. I've had a couple of dozen of them and this ranks second on the discomfort list. So far. It may end up beating out the one that had me digging out stuff every day for six weeks before it finally healed. That was good because much more and the country might have run short on cue tips and peroxide, not to mention bandages and tape.
They tell you to stay out of the sun when you're young or you will eventually pay the price. But how do you do that? Sun blocker helps, or so they say, but I don't believe they even had it during my younger days. If they had, I seldom would have been in a position to apply it.
Those tanning beds - only a fool would get near one. They have done wonders for making dermatologists wealthy and making those who use them suffer in the long run.
So use the sun blocker. Better yet, look on the sun as an enemy because it is. Avoiding being out in it, no one seems to have an answer as to how that is accomplished. I can assure you of one thing, though, squamous cell carcinoma is no joke. Avoid it like the plague. I'd be in a better mood today if I had.


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