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Monday, June 09, 2008

Be prepared for the worst

At last they are over, the political primaries, and now the real, down to earth nastiness can begin. Actually it began a month or so ago, but now it's time for the hardcore stuff to get started. To borrow a phrase from the world of auto racing, "Gentlemen, start your mudslinging!"
The two candidates will likely pretend to be nice guys far above anything crass and vulgar. That may, as usual, be left to the groups that have no sense of integrity or honesty. One such group got a head start by circulating e-mails claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim fifth-columnist bent on bringing the country to its knees. If that was the opening shot, imagine what it will be like when the real fireworks begin. Will it be asserted that John McCain was brainwashed while a prisoner of war in Vietnam and is actually a communist agitator bent on bringing America to its knees? Wouldn't surprise me a bit. For unabashed sleaze and filthy lies you can't beat an American presidential campaign. It makes you wonder if we haven't already been brought to our knees.
Is there any possible way to bring George W. Bush down from his ivory tower? Before starting a trip to Europe today he said, "The U.S. economy has continued to grow in the face of unprecedented challenges."
What economy is that, George? The Wall Street economy bears as much similarity to the economy in the rest of the country as I bear to Tom Hanks. Get out among us and learn the truth, George. You won't find it by reading reports and studies. The GNP doesn't mean a thing in Youngstown or Kokomo. When you're out of a job and lost your health care, when your house is in danger of being repossessed, when you can't afford to fill your gas tank, when the prices at the grocery store leave you in shock, you aren't much interested in being told the economy has continued to grow. Not west of the Potomac, George, not out in the real world where most economists never tread.
Will someone please tell John McCain to adopt "I'll Never Smile Again" as his campaign theme song. That speech he gave last Tuesday that included a pause for a ghastly fake smile after every statement was painful to endure. Being an old guy myself has taught me that few of us can smile without scaring little children. Grotesque is the only word that describes that John McCain smile.


Anonymous Sharri Moore said...

John McCain reminds me of the preacher from Poltergeist II who led his followers to Purgatory......ewwwww.

Well said.....

Sharri Moore

11:42 PM  

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