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Friday, May 30, 2008

This is just too much

I'm dumbfounded. It seems that every time I decide I've seen it all and heard it all, something comes along to prove me dead wrong.
This time it's a story about job interviews that Gannett News Service sent to newspapers throughout the country. I read the results of a survey conducted by an outfit called Vault in the Muncie Star-Press. The writer wasn't identified.
As unlikely as it seems, some people bring their lunch to a job interview or answer a call on their cell phone and chat for a while. Nearly half of those hoping to find gainful employment highlight their qualifications with profanity. Some bring along their unruly kids, others show up drunk and a few - God help us all - pick their nose.
Each of these examples of the dumbing down of America brings a vivid picture to mind. First is the guy on the cell phone. "Nah, I'm not doin' nothin', just sittin' here talkin' to some dude about a job. What you doin'? No kiddin', Joe said that to a cop? Look, I think this guy wants to ask me somethin' so I'll see you at happy hour, OK?"
Then there's the guy who opens a brown bag and spreads his lunch out on the interviewer's desk. "Damn it, man, they forgot to put in ketchup for these fries. You happen to have any, sport?"
Or the woman who watches her three kids race around the room and then start messing around with the interviewer's delicate collection of sailing ships. "Johnny, I wish you wouldn't play with the man's toys. Please, Johnny, put that down. Oh, Johnny, now look what you've gone and done."
My favorite is the guy who comes in sloshed. "Jeez, I sure could use somethin' to cut the dust in here. Wanna go down to the corner for a beer? You can tell me about the fringe benefits along the way."
Let's just forget the nose pickers. That doesn't make for a pretty picture. The story didn't say so but I imagine there's an occasional belcher or butt scratcher seeking employment.
The Gannett story ended by saying all these things can be traced to the more casual or informal way of life now enjoyed by members of Generation Y. That was the capper; I didn't even know we had a Generation Y. If I had my way we'd go back to Generation A or B. God, I miss the old days.


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