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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A proud member of PHARTS

In an admirable display of modesty I have until now kept quiet about qualifying for membership in the Professional Hack Authors RecogniTion Society. Its acronym is PHARTS. Because of my maturity I have achieved the highest of all honors, the designation of Old Phart.
James Lincoln Warren, our Sublime Imperial President-for-Life, is the man responsible for seeing that writers such as myself have at long last received the recogniTion we deserve. JLW is a noted writer of mystery short stories. You can find his work in places like Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and at
At the latter site you will find essays by seven fine mystery writers including JLW, Leigh Lundin and John M. Floyd. Once a week each writes an interesting piece on whatever strikes his fancy at the moment. At times there may even be mention of crime and mystery. Yesterday, for example, JLW tells readers everything they need to know about dressing for black tie affairs. This, I must admit, is not a problem frequently encountered in my life, yet it was most interesting. Recently Lundin wrote about killer hobbies, something many of us didn't realize exist aside from bungee jumping and skydiving, pastimes that are activities and don't actually qualify as hobbies. Having read the story, I am now aware that killer hobbies are out there waiting to...well, kill you. So if you are not a reader of criminalbrief, I highly recommend it. Like PHARTS, it was founded by James Lincoln Warren himself. What more can be said?


Anonymous Leigh said...

Hey Dick!

I tried sending eMails a couple of times but am getting messages your server is rejecting them.

= Leigh

5:22 PM  
Blogger STAG said...

Well, I guess I will have to become a hack writer.....

9:48 AM  

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