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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Overload of Work Hurts Blogging

Sometimes the workload gets a little too heavy and blogging has to take a back seat. It has happened before and for the past week it has been happening again. Oh well, that's life. Better to have too much to do than sit around bored with the things around you.
There's always time to be outraged by events over which you have no control, of course. All you have to do in order for your blood pressure to shoot off into infinity is watch the CNN news. Or any other news on TV.
There's that employee of the Justice Department who is using the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before Congress. If she's afraid of incriminating herself, what crimes are being committed in what would more aptly be termed the Injustice Department?
Then there's the capture of fifteen British Marines by the Iranians. My question is why the British would venture less than two miles from Iranian waters when they know the boundary has been disputed for decades? Why not stay well away from the questionable area? The answer, I suppose, is because they're British.
And naturally the U.S. Navy has to get in on the act by staging provacative maneuvers in the vicinity. When diplomacy fails because you prefer cowboy mentality to common sense I guess you call on gunboat diplomacy in place of the real thing. With two more wars on our hands than can be successfully handled, why risk getting involved in a third?
I don't want to even think about the Bush Gang's attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens while at the same time secretly working to turn Canada, the United States and Mexico into a single country. Or what about their sending two Border Patrolmen to prison for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the leg as he was fleeing? They granted immunity to the drug smuggler to testify against the lawmen. Then they do the same thing with a deputy sheriff because the Mexican government demanded it after he shot the tires out of a van containing illegal aliens on the run, slightly wounding a female illegal in the process.
Meanwhile, the gutless Democrats say nothing about the wrong people going to prison and are in cahoots with Emperor George in the amnesty fiasco. The time is long past when they worked on behalf of the American middle class and the underprivilaged.
It's amazing how the values of a country can be destroyed in six years.
But there has been one solitary piece of good news. Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams sat down at the same table and actually talked to each other so the sharing of government in Northern Ireland may actually come about. Eventually the six counties in the north will be united with the twenty-six that make up the Republic of Ireland. It's inevitable and would have happened seven decades ago except for one thing - the British. The people are OK but their government is evil.
With that off my chest it's time to get back to work. It's the last bastion of sanity in today's world.


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